Friday, February 02, 2007

Selling Your New Jersey Home In Winter

The prime time to sell New Jersey real estate is in the spring. Flowers are in bloom. The grass is green and everything seems new and shiny. There are generally more buyers in the market. However, winter buyers are serious buyers and there are things sellers can do to to attract the attention of these buyers.

1. Keep walks and driveways free of snow and ice. If buyers have to take their life in their hands trying to navigate through ice and snow, they just might not bother.

2. Make your home warm and comfortable. This is not the time to conserve on energy. If your home is cold, buyers will think your heating system doesn't work properly.

3. Set the mood. Play soft music in the background and bake a batch of cookies. There is nothing like the smell of warm baked goods. And leave a plate of cookies for the buyers.

4. Ask buyers to remove their shoes while touring your home. This conveys a pride of ownership and will and helps keeping your home in 'showing condition' for the next buyers.

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